About the Editors

Alexa Athelstan                                                                               

I am a queer feminine identified writer. Currently, I am living in Leeds where I am completing a PhD in Gender Studies, which explores queer feminine orientations, embodiment and subjectivities.

My previous editorial experience comes from working collaboratively as one of the Editors in Chief of the Graduate Journal of Social Science. I am also working on a collaborative book project entitled Tensions of Rhetorics and Realities, which is being submitted to the Routledge series Advances in Critical Diversities edited by Yvette Taylor and Sally Hines.

I am enthusiastic about editing this collection on Queer Feminine Affinities because I believe that collaborative projects like this one have a strong potential for contributing exciting fresh perspectives to the way we live, experience and fashion, as well as critically and creatively conceptualise, queer feminine identities and communities.

Dr. Vikki Chalklin 

I am a queer fat femme performer, activist and scholar based in London.

My research interests are primarily located at the intersection of body theory and performance studies, investigating what a consideration of affect, relationality and embodied subjectivity can bring to the study of performance, and how performance and spectatorship might develop our understandings of intersubjective and intercorporeal processes. My PhD Thesis, completed in September 2012 and based jointly in the Media and Communications and Visual Cultures departments of Goldsmiths, University of London employed creative auto- and performance ethnographic methods to explore London’s queer performance club scene, with particular reference to performances of queer femininity.

When not teaching media and cultural studies or working on new research, I like to blur the boundaries between my creative and scholarly worlds, giving cabaret-style performances of my academic work at conferences, and performance lectures at queer performance and cabaret clubs.


We look forward to reading your contributions! 

Alexa & Vikki                                                               



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